Your family and kid’s safety is our objective

Our Smart Trigger Lock reliability, accuracy, security and quick access protects you and your family.

Parents with their kid, a glock with Smart Trigger Lock

“Firearms are the second leading cause of death for children and teens”

“There is an estimated that every year 3 million American children are exposed to shootings”

Source: Everytown Research for Gun Safety, Gliffords

“Americans are killed with guns every day”
“Every year nearly 2,900 American children are shot and killed”
“Every year nearly 15,600 children are shot and injured”
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Stop worrying of your gun with Smart Trigger Lock


Easy Storage

High capacity for greater safety and speed

Smart Trigger Lock lets you enroll up to ten authorized fingerprints, which one is the administrator and nine more users who can be a family member or your other fingerprints. Thanks to its inner memory you need to stop worrying about connecting it to a computer or another device to do the process. Now, you can do it directly!


Low Power Consumption

Ultra-durable, rechargeable battery without the need of charging it often

Smart Trigger Lock battery after been fully charge can offer up to 800-1000 times lock/unlock actions. Stop worrying about charging it every night or even weeks!


Small and Portable

Be secure wherever and whenever you go

Smart Trigger Lock can be saved in a box, backpack or wherever you want without any risk thanks to its dimensions 55x84x45 mm. Its compact design provides an incomparable comfort when it comes to storage and portability, and its incredible security system doesn’t suppose a risk when you save your gun with Smart Trigger Lock in any place.


Innovative and Smart

Say goodbye to the keys and passwords, and welcome the future!


Durable Materials

Unbreakable, secure and long-lasting

Smart Trigger Lock structure is made of zin alloy, which is known by its strength, toughness, and rigidity. Thanks to these our Smart Trigger Lock is unbreakable and long-lasting even if you or another person drop it one thousand times. It never stops to be secure!


Key Option

A second choice is never wrong

Smart Trigger Lock cannot be only accessed through fingerprint, it also has a manual option which is a key option to unlock it. If you forgot to charge your Smart Trigger Lock, don’t worry about that because you will always have a second choice, the key option!

360 fingerprint@2x

360º Fingerprint Unlock

Not one neither two or three, but 360

Smart Trigger Lock uses a CMOS fingerprint sensor to ensure accuracy, security, and reliability. With its fingerprint sensor, there is never a wrong position. You can unlock it by pressing your registered fingerprint against the sensor at any angle. Another great advantage of this advanced fingerprint sensor is that it only takes 0.3 seconds to unlock!




Smart Trigger Lock is a brand that was created in October 2018 to provide families greater security and improvements in the use of firearms.

Smart Trigger Lock is the answer to a large percentage of the inappropriate use of weapons that affects a large number of families (especially minors), so why run the risk of having your weapon unprotected?

Ricardo Ernesto, who is the CEO of our company, created this innovative product based on his three greatest passions:

  • His family (made up of his wife and 3 daughters)
  • His love for biometric systems and technology
  • Guns.

Our lock is not only an initiative to take care of your security intelligently but also of your family.

Smart Trigger Lock™


Why did we choose biometrics system as our strong point?

Biometric technologies, especially fingerprint recognition systems, have witnessed worldwide acceptance due to their affordability and easy use.

We know that when it comes to weapons, you not only think of striking and durable design, but mainly in safety; in the security that protects you, but also protects yours from any incident. That is why the smartest option was to do it through a system that not only has acceptance at the national level but is proven worldwide.

We have designed our product in El Salvador with the idea of promoting it worldwide because we do not plan to work only on a specific number of people, but to be part of each one.

In April 2019, the commercialization of our innovative product began in Texas, United States. Today we continue working to improve our service and give our best to you.

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