Smart Trigger Lock

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Low power consumption
Allowing up to 800-1000 lock / unlock actions

Easy operation
Stores up to 10 fingerprints

You can save the weapon with the STL
You can put it in a box or wherever you want

Less than 1 second of unlicking
Fast recognition technology

Key option
Manual option that let you unlock the device with the key


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We’re a team of security devices and security system developers. The devices that we are intended to develop have a unique objective, and is to provide your safety in different ways in your daily activities that could not just harm yourself but the people around you. That’s why we develop the smart trigger lock because as we know a gun is not a toy, is a defensive apparel that in seconds could cause a really serious accident if we do not provide a good use of it.

STL is a smart lock that can be added in GLOCKs models (G17, G19, G20, G22, G23, G26, G27, G34, G45). This padlock seeks to provide high security and protection in the use of firearms thanks to a sophisticated system of recognition through your fingerprint thanks to a CMOS Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor. It is a lector with an incomparable recognition capacity because it recognize your fingerprint in different positions and provides a quick recognition thanks to its quick comparison with the fingerprints registered in the STL in the internal storage that allows up to 10 fingerprints governed by the fingerprint of the administrator and 9 fingerprint of additional users.

And thanks to its skeleton and ornamenta made of zinc alignment it allows a high rigidity of the product and also high protection of the components of the fingerprint reading system in its interior. In this case, we can see that this device provides high protection to the entry of dust and jets of water from any direction, two of the main factors responsible for the wear of the reader that could impair fingerprint recognition in the future

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